Shanti Arts was founded in 2011 to celebrate and promote connections between art, nature, and spirit through exhibitions, book and serial publications, artistic presentations and experiences, networking, and workshops.
SHANTI ARTS PUBLISHING is devoted to producing beautiful and compelling books related to art, nature, and spirit. We publish trade books, art books, photography books, artist monographs, exhibition catalogues, gift books, and children's picture books; non-fiction and fiction. Most of our books are distributed both in print and digital format. We work closely with our authors and artists, both on book production and marketing. The details:

1.    There is no submission deadline. We review submissions as they come in.
2.    Submissions may be submitted online or through the mail. Please do not send materials through email. Online submissions must be done through Submittable. If you choose to send us your materials through the mail, please print your work in a presentable manner on paper that is 8½ by 11 in size and be sure to number your pages. Send your materials to: Shanti Arts Publishing, 193 Hillside Rd., Brunswick, ME 04011
3.    Please do not email or call us to ask about the review process or results. We will email you when we have made a decision regarding your submission or when we have questions. We generally respond within three months.
4.    If you mail your materials and wish to have them returned, you must include a return mailer with adequate postage. Otherwise, materials will be destroyed after review.
5.    All decisions as to whether or not to publish your work are final.
6. A complete submission should include the following:
(a) a brief description of your book project;
(b) an outline of the book contents or annotated Table of Contents;
(c) the names of authors/editors/artists involved;
(d) a description of how the authors/editors/artists would help market and sell the book; and

(e) if you have art to be included, please send two or three sample images; or
(f) a description of the kind of art you think would work well.

If we are interested in your book project, we will contact you to request a manuscript in print or pdf form. If your book is not yet complete, we will want to see a partial manuscript and may delay our final decision until a final manuscript is ready. Once we agree to consider publishing your book, we will complete and submit to you a project plan. After reaching agreement on the project plan, we will prepare a contract.

Please read these guidelines carefully before submitting any work.

Still Point Arts Quarterly
is a truly beautiful publication with a focus on art, nature, and spirit. If your submission is not in some way related to our focus, PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT IT.

The Quarterly publishes a wide variety of non-fiction and fiction (up to approximately 5000 words). Poetry is published on occasion. Interested writers are encouraged to submit work for review and possible publication.

Guidelines and Terms

  1. There is no submission deadline. We review work continually.
  2. Please do not email or call us to ask about the review process or results. We will email you when we have made a decision regarding your submission. Generally, you will receive a response from us within three months.
  3. If we decide to publish your work, note that it may be many months before your work actually appears in print. Generally, though, work is published within eighteen months of acceptance. 
  4. If we decide to publish your work, we will send a writing agreement for your review and signature. Typically we ask for exclusive First Rights, meaning the right to be the first to publish your work in digital formats. You may republish your work afterwards at any time. We do occasionally accept reprints.
  5. If we decide to publish your work, we will request a short biography and a publicity photograph (optional).
  6. As a published writer, you may submit an advertisement that we will show for free for one year in the journal and on the homepage of our Shanti Arts website. We will send guidelines for preparing the ad at a later date.
Please send your signed contract and any questions you have to Christine Cote at

Shanti Arts LLC